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David Brusso - Retirement Income Planning SpecialistDavid Brusso
Retirement Income Planning Specialist
Hi Folks,

I am a Retirement Income Planning Specialist. Since 1981 I've helped folks in Charlotte and in the cities and counties surrounding Charlotte. You and I know there are as many different retirement income choices as there are shades of color in a rainbow. And we know without knowledge we can't make good decisions. I'm sure you'll agree when you're planning your retirement all choices pale in the face of security.

An annuity provides the bedrock of security in most retirement plans. This website is designed to help you understand annuities and how they provide security.  You will learn how some annuities will provide a secure income you can not outlive.

Please call me. We can discuss your questions by phone or set an appointment convenient for you.

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Dave Brusso

How ready are you for retirement? How ready are you for retirement?